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Benefits of doing Masters in Germany

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Deciding upon which college, institute or university to choose is always a crucial decision for students as well as their parents. There are ample factors that are considered in order to make the most informed and right decision. Factors that are taken under consideration are quality of education, recognition, acceptability of the university, affordability, career opportunities and so on. At times it does look tiring enough which is why, abroad consultancy comes into the picture!

But, why Masters in Germany?

It is a well known important fact that Germany is evidently leading in the arena of education, when it comes to international education, it is the top destination for foreign students and attracts about 5% of the world’s international students.

Germany’s higher education institutions are of global standards and German degrees are recognized world over. Though SAT and GRE are not mandatory, bachelors, master’s and MBA courses are also taught in English. Not just that, students from all corners of the world are also encouraged to learn German to integrate them successfully in their culture and country.

What makes the education in Germany so different?
Why does Germany get to be the pioneer in the education system abroad? Why are people preferring masters studies in Germany? It is observed that the German education system is top class. It is based on the dual system, which combines theoretical classroom instruction with practical training, embedded in a real-life work environment, making students industry ready on completion of their course.

Not just that, the government. Germany has internationalization of higher education as a strategic objective. Through this strategic approach it encourages better integration of foreign students through educational scholarships, lower tuition fees and better immigration policies – offering education to International students at the same subsidized fee that its domestic students pay.

While the European “Blue Card” gives qualified international graduates of German universities a pathway to permanent residence and access to the markets of most EU member states.

What more?

Additionally, the cost of living in Germany is lower than other European countries. Here, monthly expenditure can be as low as €600, that is approximately INR 40,000/-. And, students can work for up to twenty hours a week, earning €8-10 an hour, to support their cost of living. This very factor makes it absolutely easy for students doing MS in Germany to survive on a minimal budget without putting their pockets on fire.

Planning a Masters in Germany is far easier than you think! With the help of abroad consultants you can navigate correctly and find the college of your dreams!

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