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Mechanical Engineering in Germany

Mechanical engineering is a professional programme which develops your ability to design and create mechanical systems including those in automotive, aeronautics, robotics, and manufacturing industries. The course not only builds your technical ability, it also teaches …

Computer Science

Computer Science is a professional programme that includes the study of computers and computer systems, dealing with software and software systems; this includes theory, design, development, and application. The study of Computer Science is more relevant today …

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

The process of overseeing the journey of products from supplier to consumer is called SCM. It is an integral part of a company’s success as it impacts customer satisfaction and helps to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. For those who thrive on challenge, a career in SCM …

Advantage of A Foreign Education In India.

Getting a foreign education is no more considered to be exclusive to the affluent, in fact it is fast becoming a necessity for anyone looking to have a long-term career in any specialized field because most established conglomerates, national and multi-national, prefer to employ people…

Life in Germany

Geographically, situated in North Central Europe with a range of landscapes: from the tall, sheer mountains in the south to the sandy, rolling plains in the north, the forested hills of the urbanized west, and the plains of the agricultural east. Germany has something to offer everyone…

Masters in Germany

There are several benefits of getting a Master’s degree from Germany. While the tuition fee is low and cost of living is lower that its European counterparts. One has several programs to choose from and the country offers students work opportunities to supplement their living cost.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Present day scenario is that your education is not complete without a Master of Business Administration or MBA as is popularly referred to. This is what I hear all the time from students seeking to do MBA. But counselling hundreds of students has made me realize that most students don’t really know what they are

Job Opportunities in Germany

Germany is now proudly known as the ‘new land of opportunities.’ It is also known as the land of innovation, and ideas are the corner stone on which Germany society is built. German’s are strong and resolute, so nothing is really impossible in Germany. If these are some of the principles and qualities you can

Undergraduate or Bachelor’s degree from Germany

Lately, I have been getting a lot of queries on Undergraduate or the more popularly known, Bachelor’s degree from Germany so, I thought I’d should share a few insights on this important degree in the world of the higher education. For students completing their secondary education in India and seeking to experience a world-class education