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Germany is a modern, technologically advanced society – recognized as an innovator and visionary in the field of Engineering and Technology. Germany is known for its Engineering prowess in environmental technology, medical technology, machinery, automotive, aviation, energy, chemical industry, etc. It is no wonder then, that Germany is the first choice for Engineering studies across the world.

Its unique study method offers students, hands-on experience at some of the world’s leading companies, known for their innovation and best practices. Here, TU and Hochschules (University of Applied Sciences) work closely with the industry, giving students a firsthand experience and the opportunity to develop relationships and a network of professionals – making them industry ready, as soon as they complete their Engineering degree; giving them the edge over their peers graduating from other countries.

Besides, the increasing amount of course taught in English makes Germany an attractive destination to pursue an Engineering degree. While GMAT /GRE/ GATE or knowledge of German are NOT compulsory for those completing their degree in English, learning German helps appreciate the value of the education, increase the understanding of the culture to better integrate into German society.

For students, Germany is an affordable option with a lower cost of living, compared to other cities in Europe. Here the average monthly expenses can be around €500/€600 per month and Public Universities charge a low “administrative fees” (tuition fees) of only around €200/€300 a semester, to cover services like public transportation (Trams) and cafeterias (Mensa). Additionally, students can hold part time jobs to help earn an additional income for living expenses.

Here are some other benefits of pursuing Engineering in Germany:

  • Students can study at some of the top ranked Universities like RWTH Aachen, TU Darmstadt, KIT, TU Berlin amongst others.
  • Most Public colleges offer Engineering degree at a lower tuition fee than their counter-parts in the USA, UK and Australia.
  • 18 months stay back option after completing any study program.
  • Opportunity to work at prestigious organizations like Mercedes, Porsche, Siemens, General Electric, BMW, etc., as they hire Engineering students who are pursuing their degree.
  • Germany offers a High Standard of Living and Security.
  • Engineering students get can expect to start earning about €46,000 annually.

Students wishing to pursue their Engineering in Germany must have excellent academic record and must have completed 6.5 bands in IELTS/ or 80+ in TOEFL.

The application process must start 6/12 months prior to the course start date as the VISA process requires 2/3 months for the consulate to assess your documents.

It is noteworthy that Universities examine applications very carefully due to high competition, so it is important to get the paper work correct from the beginning. Contact us to know more on how to apply for your Engineering degree in Germany as effortlessly as possible.